The club is maintained by local clubs and the core committee members.

The objective is to support all Toastmaster members with an advanced format and additional opportunities.

Local members and indeed any Toastmaster may attend as many Advanced Orators meetings as they wish.

There is no requirement for members of other clubs to join Advanced Orators.


If any member of another club, would like to support the club directly by becoming a dual member then that will welcomed.

Payments of a joining fee of  £10 and a 6 monthly fee of £24 entitles you to participate in the Advanced Toastmasters meetings as a Full member.

Full members must be Dual members of this and other TM clubs.

Members may not choose to ONLY be a member of this club

Members may be members of more than one club including Advanced Orators.

To become a full member please indicate your wishes via the contact form, and you will be contacted with details of the next steps.